Switching Coleman EB17B with Carrier Heatpump

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I have a Coleman EB17B installed in our mobile home, it is also fitter with a Janitrol 2.5 Ton Heatpump, however the compressor has gone bad and is not viable to replace. I have the offer of a Carrier 3 Ton unit for almost nothing that is just been in service for a few light years of work.
I have already remove the old EB17B unit and getting ready to move the outside compress out of the way, but have a few questions on the replacement of the inside unit.

I am not currently in possession of the Carrier unit but want to be ready when it arrives just to install and have someone put gas in it for me.

Question # 1 - The indoor carrier unit is a FY4ANB036 and is currently setup for Upflow, I need to convert this into downflow, I know there is a kit to do this (KFADC0201SLP) but I cant find anyone who has one for sale can you recommend someone? or can this easily be fabricated out of some angle?

Question # 2 - I also see in the instructions for the Carrier that in a upflow position you need to use a Gasket Kit, again I cant find anyone who has this? Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places? or can I make a gasket using some 1/8" closed loop foam or similar material? The carrier part # is KFAHD0101SLP?

Question # 3 - Will I need to do any adjustment to the duct work, I am guessing where I am only going from 2.5 Ton to 3 Ton I wont need to change the actual ducts but how about how they connect? to the heatpump? The external physical dimensions of the inside EB17B and the Carrier FY4A are almost identical and will fit in exactly the same spot, but how about the alignment of the whole. Is there a transition plate or something I may need? I have attached a Photo of our current existing Duct Hookup.
Duct Hookup - The green take is covering the holes where the ac lines and compressor 24v lines came in.
Duct Hookup - The green take is covering the holes where the ac lines and compressor 24v lines came in.
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