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Interthherm model M3RL080ABW

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:59 pm
by Mark7
Good afternoon. I am a newcomer to this site and need some advice.I have an Intertherm furnace model 3RL080ABW serial #M3A060303979. It is installed in a 5 year old Schult home, model Manor Hill Select. I want to get a matching A/C system installed. There have been 3 different A/C contractors that have
differing opinions on how to handle the condensate from the coil, also how big a unit. It is a 1850 sq. ft. home located in northern Wisconsin. I figure maybe a 2 1/2 ton or 3 ton. One guy thought it would be ok to simply run a PVC pipe through the belly wrap and outside the block on the bottom of the house. Another wanted to use a condensate pump and run the condensate into the laundry, but that is a bad idea, who wants to see the hose? I have contacted Schult at least 2 times to get their recomendations but they have not replied. I spoke to the dealer and asked for him to find out, but so far nothing. There must be a way to use the condensate drain system from the furnace. Does any one know of a site that explains how to install this properly? My biggest fear is the lineset going through the belly wrap, and mice getting in. It is a problem already where they get in the sink cabinet in the utility room. I can't get to the pipes where they go through the floor. There is a shelf near the floor. The whole cabinet is solid. I appreciate any and all suggestions.Thank you.