Duo-Therm Heater model 76003-2 motor squeak

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Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:55 am

I have a blower motor that when its running begins to squeak at times like maybe a bearing is going out. This noise has been happening and going away for several years but now its getting worse. Are replacement motors available for these units any where, or replacement furnaces maybe? I'm sure Duo-Therm (made by Motor Wheel Corp. Lagrange, Indiana) is not in business now.
Any suggestions will be appreciated. Its still in the low 40's at night here.

Follow up:
I was able to disassemble the motor which was clogged up with much dust and lint after 28 years of running without a filter and never having the bushings oiled after 38 years. I cleaned everything else and oiled the bushings, put it all back together and its working great, no more noise. I need a filter set up on the door, with the wire clips to hold it in so this doesn't happen again. If I have too I may tape the filter material or make some clips out of wire.

Any suggestions will still be appreciated.

Second follow up:
For the filter I'm going to try a cut to size 1/4" foam washable filter (as the original was) and hold it in place with either several magnets or a spring loaded loop of braided wire around the existing spot welded brackets on the back of the door.

Third follow up: Update 4/14/12: I made a grille to replace the missing filter clips out of re-mesh like used in concrete reinforcement to hold the filter on to the furnace door. I used a bolt cutter to cut the grille out of the very inexpensive re-mesh.I used a washable cut to fit filter along with the re-mesh grille both available at the large hardware stores, works great.