Miller furnace kicks on, but no blower

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Miller furnace

Model Number: CMF 80 PG conv.

I had my Miller furnace installed new in my mobile home 6 or 7 years ago and have encountered my first problem. The furnace will kick on into its first stage for a minute or so, which is when it pumps fuel or something along those lines I presume? But as soon as it's time for the blower to kick on, it doesn't, and the furnace just shuts down.

This is the first time I've tried to run it after my tank ran empty and I had it refilled. Not sure if the tank running empty had anything to do with it? It is full now though, and still nothing. I don't have the money to call anyone and pay their service fees, so any help would be appreciated.

Just an additional tip, my neighbor who actually installed the furnace said it is probably just a defective thermocouple. He told me I could get one for $20 at the local hardware. Any ideas if that would be correct? And if so, how easy is the replacement process?