Pilot won't stay lit!

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I have an Intertherm gas furnace, Model#MGHA-056ABFC-01. approx. 19 yrs. old. Lately the pilot light won't stay lit in high wind situations. Seems to be a lot of back draft in the chamber. Have changed thermocoupler & tried adjusting, but today,especially w/ the winds that we had here in NE PA, had to relight 6 times. My wife talked w/ our LP supplier and they thought that the chimney needs to be extended, I'm not sure if that will help, but looking for a second opinion. Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions. Sincerely, Brian Ehrgood.
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Hi Brian,

Sometimes extending the roof jack can help with that, but not always.

You can see and order an extension here by paging down :

http://www.aberdeenhomerepair.com/store ... ck-16-inch

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