Intertherm heater e3eb reset button?

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Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:18 pm

So my heater was working well then just started blowing cold air. We have check all wires and breakers. My father said to find the reset button on the outside well i don't see anything. Is there one? It is a Intertherm e3eb 020h. Help would be great we have a large home with a newborn and it is very cold.

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Remove the bottom door panel and see if ANY heat can be felt on facing of furnace or any glow seen looking down through side of blower wheel (elements are just underneath there).

Could be a bad contactor, bad limit, loose wire, burnt wire for most common.

IF you look at the front of the element panels, there is a sapade terminal on each end on top of a white ceramic insulator.

Test across those, one meter lead to each on the ends for 240vac across them and 120vac from each to unpainted metal ground.

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