Evaporator Coil for Nordyne E1EH-015HA

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Ok I am new at all of this. But I refuse to be a victim. I am not saying that anyone is a thief, or scammer, but chances are it could happen unless I am a informed customer.

I have a 15 year old Clayton double wide. My furnace is a Nordyne E1EH-015HA. Had a tech come out yesterday and told me my blower motor is burnt out, the heat sequencer is burnt out and a wire going to the 5th "pole" of a heat strip is burnt. he said to repair it it would be $700.00 but to get a new furnance it would be $1,200. Is this about right? I was looking for replacment furnaces and saw them for as low as $400. Would it be $700 in labor to install a new unit? Also my AC is out, abd being in South Carolina I do not want to go through another BAD summer like we did last summer. He was talking that the Evaporator Coil needed to be replaced. If I could I would rather buy the parts myself and save some money, and not deal with thier mark ups. What Evaporator Coil do I look for Nordyne E1EH-015HA? And what suggestions would you give for replacing the furnace, again without having to pay thier mark up? Thanmks for your time and patience.

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You may have a tough time finding someone to install anything you bought outright. Many companies only install what they sell you. Then there is the warranty issue, many companies only service what they sell. I am that way sometimes, quite often I quote someone a price for a new furnace and air, they decide to go with the guy with the lower price. Well when something fails for some reason or another the original installer will not provide warranty service. Since we are both a Nordyne and Coleman warranty rep, I get a call and more often than not the problem is installer error...NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY!! To make things right it costs the homeowner an amount, that when added to what he already paid for the new gear, far exceeds my original estimate.

In your case it sounds like it's time to replace the unit. I think $1200 is a far price for a furnace replacement. If the new coil is included in that price I would jump on it!! If not, add about $250- $350 for a new coil, not sure of the size of your air conditioner. As for the work involved there's plenty of technical stuff going on here. Considering the air will have to have the refrigerant recovered, the system opened up, the new furnace installed and wired, then a new coil installed then the system vacced down and refrigerant put back in it. Not something most will do on their own. It will take about $3000 in specialty equipment to get your new system up and running. HVAC guys need to recover those tool costs over time and the "mark up" helps us do that. We also have some pretty high insurance costs that have to be paid as well. Consider it peace of mind for years to come when you and your family are enjoying the heating and cooling of a system installed correctly.