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AC/Heat issues

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:37 pm
by texasheat
hello guys,

I need yalls help badly!! Here is my issue i have a norydne E2EB-015HA. Down here in texas our weather is terrible. One day its cold and next its hot. Anyways we had a cold snap and i switched my unit to heat then it got hot again so i switched back to AC after doing this I noticed the AC was running and Heat was on as well. I got a Heat Sequencer and Fan Rely. Before I took these items out I drew my own diagram. Then I started putting the new ones back in. Now mind you a few days had pasted due to having to order parts and what not. i hooked everything up from what i thought was right and when I call for AC nothing happens however the only thing that happens is I can turn the blower on but its only in the heat mode which is slow. I can not get the compressor to come on and not sure why all was working when i took on this project.

I tried to read the wring diagrams on the unit itself but Iam having issues. I sure it sounds silly but does anyone have a colored or picture of this this unit or wiring diagram.

Help would be apprciated thanks in advance.