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Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:09 pm

I have written before about my E1H1-015A Nordyne. About the wiring problems with it.

Well I was finally able to get the heater control (sequencers and timers) re-wired.

Now the Elements will come on and after a few minutes they will turn off, (like they should).

The fan will not run at any time, just hummm.
The HVAC Tech has wires that when wired correctly have 24V going to the motor and 240V going to the R terminal on the control board. (Nordyne Part 624-5680).

I would like to completely remove this control box, and replace it with contactors. I have not been able to find a diagram for the T-stat and air side of this unit.

So I would like to know the following:

1. Take the wires on the R & RH Terminals to the Red wire from Transformer?

2. Connect the rest of the wires to their mates from T-stat?

3. Use wires from G and C wires to coil side of contactor?

4. Use wire from W on T-stat for a heat contactor? Black wire from bottom Sequencer?

5. Then sort out which 2 wires will give motor 240V for Air and 240V for Heat.

Maybe $21.00 something compared to $61.00 and a little more time to set up.

Have noticed several of your past posts always saying that fan is controlled by sequencer, I see that it gets 1/2 it voltage from there, but my diagrams all show Blower relay between sequencer and motor. Are drawings wrong??

Thank you in advance

joel :( :?:

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Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:28 am


Are you also trying to remove air conditioning from this unit during the rewire? Do you have an original wiring diagram to follow? If you need a wiring diagram for a heat-only furnace, doublecheck your model number and send me an e-mail.

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Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:22 pm

Sorry I Have been out of town, but ordered a relay and it came in Tuesday.
I will be keeping the Air Con.. I haave a wiring diagram , but it only shows the heat side of the system. I scanned it in and posted it with my other post. I also have a Service Manual for the unit. It has line drawings for the 4-7 wire system, but they are larger than mine. My T-stat is a
4 wire with R and RH jumpered.

I'm going to wire the relay in as it shows on my Diagram:

A Blk wire from M2 on Seq on top Element goes to N/c terminal on Blower Switch.
A Yel wire from M1 on same Sequencer to N/O terminal on Blower Switch.
A Red wire from center terminal on Blower Switch to N/C Terminal on Relay.
A Yel wire comes from the other N/C terminal to the Motor connector plug.

Digram shows a Org wire on M2 terminal on Limit switch on Top element, going to
Motor connector plug.
And ORG wire from connector to ??? looks like a C terminal on motor?? here I am not sure.
Since that would give 120V to motor all the time.
My Motor Connector only has the following wires: Red, BLK, ORG.

Diagram also shows a BLU wire from Transformer to N/O terminal on Relay, well my same wire has never been used , but is only 3 to 4 inches long.
A GRY wire is shown going from M2 terminal on Sequencer on Top Element, to a
unmated terminal on motor control plug.
Will remark this GRY wire and use it from M4 Terminal (which hooks to Line side of Transformer). This wire will then go to the N/O side of the relay.

Thank you in advance