Nordyne Split Sytem Water Leak Fix

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I wanted to pass along some info since most of us is Texas are battling Heat and Water being sucked out of our Evap Coil by the Blower Motor. Firts make sure you evap coils are clean and you have a p trap in the accordian drain hose the p trap is just by making a S with the hose and taping duct tape around the hose to hold the shap This need to be close to the Evap Drain. Second go to Lowes get a pack of 3/4" Dia round magnets they come 8 to a pack place two on top of each other at each bottom corner and two on top of each other on the middle of the door. This allows a air gap at the middle and bottom and keeps your door shut.Put your air filter back in and cut the unit back on keep a eye on it to make sure that the water sucktion has stoped. I have had no more water being pulled out by the blower no leaks just cold a/c in 110 degree heat. Hope this helps