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Nordyne E2EB-010HB quit working

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:45 am
by dwillis19

Just found this site, mainly because on long searches looking for help. Anyway here is what is wrong and what has been done and wondering what to do next.

We just bought a MH that had been foreclosed on 3 years ago. When we had the power turned on the AC actually worked. This was the end of May. We work nights so we want the house coolest during the heat of the day, and here in Texas that is a really hot temp.

When we first started the AC, I noticed that when blower was off the utility room was quite warm. Looked around and found that the unit was very warm. And I was stupid, just turned blower on all the time at the thermostat. That kept the unti cool all the time. And actually forgot about the original problem.

2 weeks ago the unit quit working. When I pulled the doors off the unit was hot and blower was not turning. I tried pushing the blower and nothing. Also a noticable hum comming from the motor. I turned off the power and pulled the motor.

After I pulled the notor the rubber bushing, bearing, was in really bad shape. And motor was not frozen but really stiff. So I found a place to order a replacement motor. I got the new motor in, and I may have hooked the cap up wrong. Because nothing worked, but the unit did heat up. I know from reading here I probably have a bad sequencer. And also found that the fuse was blown.

I have a friend that works for an AC place close by. And after explaining to him the problem, I was told I would need to replace the entire unit. At his cost of 1200.00 plus installation.

I think that is a little high. And would like to try and fix the problem myself. I have never worked on an AC/furnace unit before. But I understand electricity and relays and almost anything about it.

So any hints on what I should check, how to hook up the cap, did I blow the cap(I dont think so because I have blown smaller ones and they make a very loud pop), or what should I do. I dont mind spending some money to get this working, but 1200 seems like a lot.


Re: Nordyne E2EB-010HB quit working

Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:40 pm
by Bill
Hi and welcome,
Here are a couple of things to help out. First here is a video on how to check a capacitor
also here is a link for the manual for your furnace ... ace-manual
Next $1200.00 for a new furnace (does this include the A coil) plus install. The price of the new unit does not seam to be to bad. But i would want a price of the install and what kind of warranty comes with this price. So times its better to pay a little more for the warranty and a good proper installation than save a couple of $ up front.
I hope this helps

Re: Nordyne E2EB-010HB quit working

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:38 am
by dwillis19
OK. I worked on the unit over the weekend.
Went back about as far as I could on this forum checking things out.

And finally got the unti to work. But it still heats up when the fan is turned off. So I can see what I think is a sequencer? and I think it needs to be replaced.

Re: Nordyne E2EB-010HB quit working

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:30 pm
by Bill
Hi again,
That is great that you got your unit fixed. I looked up the part number for a contactor ... p-24V-coil
I hope this is what you need to finish your furnace