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Nordyne model m1mb 070a bw power issue

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:21 am
by Combustibleink
So the combustion blower in my furnace went bad. I bought a new one, replaced it. Now that part is working but I’m having power issues. It used to do this sometimes because I’d turn the power off to the furnace. I think the thermostat needs replaced because it was always blowing. So if I left it off too long it would give me the blink code for no power or the one for failed ignition. My neighbor had someone replace the igniter.

I checked all the connections and it did light up and ran for maybe 3 minutes. Now it’s not even giving the blink code, it completely turns off. No lights at all.

It does start going through the sequence. Like I can hear the combustion blower turn on, then the click for the igniter. Then it just kept clicking(there was a flame going but the yellow light didn’t always turn on) before finally giving the four red flashes. And now it’s just powering down completely. Any ideas?