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Emergency (Aux) Heat comes on W/O being called too

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:21 am
by istvv4848
E2EB-15HB Have Heat Pump in Manufactured home with the Blower unit in a closet w/o box around it. Last year the Aux Electric heat would come on if you cut the thermostat up more that 1 degree. The AC repair guy said a relay was bad, replaced and all was fine until now. Again if the heat just comes on 90% of the time(even last night with 38 temp) just the heat pump runs. If I cut it up more that 1 degree the Aux heat comes on as well as every now and then w/o calling for it it will come on when the heat pump comes on! The only relay I see on the diagram is the blower relay. Which part or relay do I need to change as I don't have 130.00 plus 20.00 for the relay this year as disabled. I also do not want a 400.00 electric bill ....please help. I am comfortable working on the elec, just do not know which relay to replace. This system has 2 heating elements and has a breaker to the "B" element so you can cut 1 element off.