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Nordyne M1MB clicks 4 times when starting

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:54 am
by olsonlaaa
New Mobile Home, the temperature dropped to 50 degrees in the middle of August at night in Wisconsin so after living in it for a few weeks I decided to try the furnace. When it starts after the purge cycle the gas valve would click open and after a couple of more seconds followed by 3 more fast clicks. Local furnace repair company was stumped and because the flame had a hollow spot in the middle of it a new burner assembly was ordered under warranty. It got here and they sent a new gas valve too. The furnace tech swapped them out and although we had a nice flame now it still did it. It ended up being that the pressure switch was defective and too sensitive and when the burner would light the temporary tiny change in pressure would trip the switch shutting off the fuel valve, and then restarting the ignition sequence. It happened so quickly that you could not see it on the circuit board LEDs. I just wanted to share to save others time and trouble diagnosing this issue.