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2010 Intertherm M3RL080A

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:15 am
by subguy26yrs
Desperately need assistance with an "intermittent problem"and hope somebody can provide guidance. Have a good to strong background in mechanical/electrical theory since I was in the Navy serving aboard submarines. Served 26 yrs, now retired, trying to fix my furnace! ahahahah :D

2010 Intertherm M3RL080A

Problem: Intermittently works or "fire" ON. Bought mobile in 0ct 2013, warranty after 5 yrs?
LED code : 4 blinking lights

What I've done:

Replaced flame probe, after I cleaned it 10x, bought a new one, still same 4 led code
Replaced thermo-switch (reset-able), only popped once all winter, bought NEW
Sent a camera up the intake/exhaust pipes since I found 4 bees in the furnace burner box. Snaked both pipes and a small 1" hive fell out. The top of the pipes have a screen mesh.
Replaced batts, NEW thermostat when I moved in.
Reset the CPU, power ON/OFF the whole winter, froze some nights, but it worked intermittently to keep house at 65f. Both my kids are fine when they were here, just more blankets.
Slipped intake pipe off the burner box 1" for more AIR to burner, nothing
Propane tank was 80%, worked good, now 35% problem?
Propane Vv seems to work in proper sequence. Sometimes a yellow/orange flame, snuffed out and wont stay lit for flame senor to acknowledge. Again intermittent, sometimes it works 1st time, nice clean blue flame is present. Works say 70% of the time, or less.
Downloaded the Tech Service manual - 200pgs - read it front to back ---10x !!!!!
Reviewed the flow chart in tech manual for 4 blinking lights, probe or bad ground.
Tightened all ground screws, re-seated all modex connections, and all board connections.
Cleaned some surface rust on burner box, all surfaces solid metal.
Checked all forms online and related problems.
Call a tech, he said its intermittent and cant diagnose unless we keep replacing parts, CPU, Gas Vv are next. $$$$$$$$$

HELP plse........ Sorry fer the blabbering....Will check on this group weekly or if my email address is required. Thanks SubGuy26yrs Dave

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