CMF 80 PG ignition sequence question with new 1018

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Nordyne CMF 80 PG

Last year I replaced the ignition control module (UT 1018 series). The furness works but the start up sequence is slightly different. I just want to confirm this is normal and the furness is safe.
1* After a call for heat the induced draft motor turns on for a short time, the centrifugal switch is closed and ignition sequence proceeds.
2* (This it where the difference is). The old ignition control module would then turn on the hot surface igniter with the induced draft motor still running and after a short timed period turn on the gas valve and the furness would light.

The new ignition control module, step 1 is the same. In step 2 The induced draft motor is turned OFF while the HSI heats up. Then both the gas valve and induced draft motor turn on simultaneously and the furness lights.

My concern is with the induced draft motor off during HSI warmup, the input from the centrifugal switch must be ignored at least for a few seconds after lighting.

The ignition control modals are identical except for a number on a separate sticker on the side. The old was a UT 1018-504 and the new is UT 1018-525-I. All I/O ratings, wire connections and identifying numbers are the same.
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