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Intertherm Heating and Air system

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:30 pm
by jimncheryl
Coming from the marine field I have very little experience H/A systems in mobile homes.
I have 2 questions.

1. Last summer at night from the master bedroom we kept hearing a ticking, kind of like water dripping. We concluded it was from the vent register in master bath. It was when the air was on and it slowly stop after the air cut off. I could not find anything obvious so we turned off the a/c at night.
Now we have a tapping noise in the dinning room coming from the vent on the floor, only when the heater is running. It sounds like someone dropping nails or screws on the deck. After the heater cuts off the noise stops. No noise from the heater in the master bath or in the dinning room from the a/c.
The ducts are sheet metal and about 14"x 6" (just guessing) they run the full length of each side of the house with cut outs for the floor registers, I do not see any flexible ducts under the house and the sheet metal duct is covered by the insulation and vapor barrier.
I tried running the fan for 2 hours everything was quiet , I think it has something to do with expanding and contracting.
Any body have any solutions to this problem or am I the only one experiencing this?

Question 2
We have vent type registers in the ceiling, 1 in each bedroom a larger one in the hallway and 1 in the living room. The air conditioning guy said they for speakers, can you believe that, I politely told him to leave.
I have turned on the system removed the grill covers no air enters or leaves these vents, I used a candle to determine this, they do have flexible ducts on them.
Anybody have any idea what they might be for, also we have no access panels to the roof above the ceiling for further inspections. Oh yea for got they 9" in diameter.


Re: Intertherm Heating and Air system

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:33 pm
by DaleM
The ticking/clicking in the duct is the duct expanding and contracting lengthwise against the floor joists. If you want to get rid of that noise I suggest you cut open the belly wrap and loosen up the straps that hold the duct up tight to the floor joists. If it isn't bothering you just leave it.

As for the vents in the ceiling it sounds like someone added some type of all home ventilation system to your place. I have never seen any grills like that in any ceiling unless they were speakers, usually 6", or ceiling vents for like a bathroom vent, usually 8". Been doing mobile home/manufactured housing service for 37 years now. Just curious, what year is your home?

Re: Intertherm Heating and Air system

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:34 am
by jimncheryl
I quickly checked the end that is the loudest, peeling back just enough to peek at the duct , it appears
to have what looks like L brackets lag bolts holding it in place. Do you think we should loosen all those bolts, there is one piece of flex duct connecting to two sides together and no sign of rubbing.
The other interesting point it only makes the loud taping in the evening hours . In the AM when we get up and turn on the heater it is silent.

As to the vents in the ceiling, there is flex duct attached to each one no way to get into the space between the ceiling and roof to see what they attached to (strange). The blower unit is in the laundry room with a louvered door at the entrance, also the blower is very noisy also, mainly the air movement.

This home is a 2005 model in Northern California

Re: Intertherm Heating and Air system

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:37 pm
by DaleM
Any chance those ceiling ducts fed into a main duct up in the attic area above the furnace? That would act as a return air system for the furnace.
You could try to back those lags out maybe a 1/4" to see if the clicking goes away. Try it in a couple spots along the duct where the noise is greatest.