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Sun Dec 27, 2009 2:31 pm

Hi, have everyone seen such appearance? Someone posted me private message on MySpace that he can increase my music plays count and profile views count to a very large values (like 5000 - 10000 per day). He said that such increasing help me to become star in some days. Is it scam, or it is really effective marketing strategy? Can anyone give me any advice? Is it good idea to try (he claims that his software is free to try) or it is better to just send abuse to MySpace about his proposition? I reviewed different articles on Internet about such things as MySpace mp3 songs plays increasing. As I understand, it is some sort of black SMO technologies. They said that black technologies give the same effect as white ones, but it is cheaper and faster. Is it dangerous to use MySpace mp3 songs plays increaser? Anyway, message he posted to me follows. I will appreciate for any ideas. increase myspace mp3 plays
Download MySpace MP3 song plays increaser. Free to try. Profile views and video plays increasing are also supported. Make 100 hits/plays daily for free, activate for unlimited use for affordable price.

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Sun Dec 27, 2009 5:22 pm

I only have two questions. First, What difference does it make?? Second and more important, why are you posting it here??

This smells like SPAM, We will be watching with the finger on the BAN & DELETE button. Greg
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