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If this type of profile is totally foreign to you, your probably wondering 'what are friends?' And why should I add them?

Friends are people you get to know on the website. Unless you specify otherwise in your settings, only friends can read your blogs. Only friends can post comments directly to your profile. When you post a bulletin, only your friends receive it.

How do you get friends? First, My Profile Space (MPS) must be activated on your account. It may already be activitated when you register. If not, one way to automatically activate it is to respond to someone elses request to be a friend. For instance, everyone who registers automatically receives a request from me to be a friend. Respond to it and your set-up. If you don't want me or anyone as a friend :cry: , you can always delete. You are in total control of everything in your profile.

To ask others to be your friend, click on their name which will bring up their profile. Look for a button that says ''Add'. Then type in a brief message. This will send a private message (pm) to that user asking permission to approve you as a friend. Once approved, your friends!

Some people want everyone to be their friend, others only a select few. It's totally up to you. You control who's your friend, and who isn't.

Again, if this is all new to you, give it a chance. You'll be taken in. This website is all about mobile home owners getting together. And this new forum is definitely one way for us to gather as friends.

You can't fail if you don't try!
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