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In February of 2007 we installed a new forum program. The program features a kick-butt profile section that somewhat mimics myspace. If you are familiar with myspace, you won't have any troubles figuring out the profile page. If you aren't familiar with myspace, watch what others are doing to their profiles and ask questions. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find it totally addicting!

Adding Your Profile
First you must be registered and logged in. Think of your profile space as two pages. One page only you see. The other page is what others see. When you click on the 'my profile space' button at the top, it brings you to the page that only you see. Do all your editing from this page. You can add friends, read in-house messages, upload pictures, post blogs, make bulletins and more. Click on 'view profile' to view it as how other users will see it.

In the profile we ask you a bunch of questions about your home. You're probably asking, "Why would anyone care about this stuff?" The short answer is most people don't care. We ask all those questions for two reasons. First, as a homeowner you should know those answers and have them for reference. Second, the information is helpful to our moderators or anyone answering your repair questions.

E-Mail Issues
One issue that seems to be an ongoing concern is receiving e-mails from the forum. If you have the ability, be sure to put our website on your 'white list' or list of approved sites. In-house private messages sent to your profile are not affected by this issue. You must log-in to your profile to read your private messages.

All topics posted by 'archive' are locked. Feel free to start a new topic.

Posting in Forum

To post in this forum, you need to join our community. To join simply click the 'register' button at the top. You can indicate some of your profile choices at this time, or do it later. Once you register, we MUST FIRST MANUALLY ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT. You cannot log in until we do that. We do manually activations numerous times throughout the day. Then log-in under using your User ID and password.

If you have any issues or aren't sure how a particular feature functions, post your question in this forum. If you have a suggestion for other features, we'd also like to know them too.

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