Coleman Presidential II Condenser size??

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My son has a Presidential II gas furnace, model # 7680B856. I have an old storage trailer with the same unit, but it has the AC evap. Model # 7842-730. We swapped it into his, and am now looking for a used condenser. (He's low on $$) My question is what size condenser should we look for? 2.5 ton, 3 ton or ?? Thanks, Dearthman

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A 7680 furnace would indicate 80,000 BTUs of heating, however the coil's model number, 7842, looks like it would require a condenser rated at 3.5 tons, 42,000 BTUs of cooling. I think that would be overkill as far as air conditioning requirements. Home would be cold but get cooled to quickly and not remove enough humidity. If the home is located in a fairly shady spot I'd go with a 2.5 ton unit, if out in the sun then a 3 ton would be better. That coil may work with a 3 ton unit but not with a 2.5.

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