Coleman 36C67 Replacement

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Before I order part 7956-336P which is listed as the replacement for 36C67 (7656A326), I have a question about compatibility. This regards the attachment of the part to the furnace. The attached photo shows the attachment assembly on the right side of the part. Will I be able to use this attachment assembly on the replacement part 7956-336P? Thank you for your assistance.
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The mounting bracket goes on the back of the gas valve. Some of the older 7600 series furnaces have to have a new mounting bracket for the gas valve # 7975-336P.

Gas Valve # 7975 - 336P can be seen and ordered from here by paging down: ... -gas-valve

Gas Valve Mounting Bracket # 7705 - 5151 can be typed into search window after adding gas valve to cart to continue shopping.

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