Coleman Evcon 3 Flashes On Green Light

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i have a coleman evcon model#dgat070bde.i tried the heater out today and the unit will not come on.the air conditioner works fine and blows cold,but no heat.the little green light on the box flashes green 3 times.the stickers says"centrifugal switch failes to close".whats going on with this thing.thanks in advance for any help

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That can be due to combustion motor being faulty, the centrifugal switch inside the motor being faulty or the comb. motor air pipe being damaged/clogged.

Most often it is the motor or switch and since the switch cannot be bought separately from the motor, either way requires a new combustion motor.

Let me know if interested in ordering info. Would need an hvac tech to test everything to see which one is at fault for sure.

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