Coleman Presidential III 7900 pilot

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Where in the world do I light this thing! I see a window to check the pilot but there are no red or black buttons I see most talk about. It is in a 1985 mobile home so probably that old? I always had someone to light iths but now cannot find anyone in my area who will so I am on my own. Do I turn the heat up to about 80 and then stick a match in that hole? I feel so silly. I cant find a thing online about this at all PLEASE help! :( :(
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see if your gas company will light it for you
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Being unfamiliar with it, I would call the local gas company as Johnny suggested or an hvac contractor.

They will show you how to do it for future use.

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If you haven't found out about this yet, here's how I do it. I'm at work now, so I'm trying to do this from memory, but I have to re-light my pilot light rather frequently...

There is a lever (I believe with a red knob) that moves right or left in front of that little access panel. Turn it completely to the left and wait a few minutes for any gas to clear out. Then push it past the "on" position to "pilot". With a long wire and a fireplace match at the end of that (putting your flame about 10 to 18 inches away from your hand), you light the match and stick it straight in to where you can see a round metal tube on the right and a rectangular metal piece on the left, making a "v" shape. Then, holding the door and match with one hand, use your other hand to move the switch all the way to left and wiggle your match until the pilot lights. Hold the lever there for a few seconds, then you can release the lever to the "pilot" position again and pull the match out. Once the door is closed, and your match is put out, you can flip the lever to the "On" position.

Then you're DONE.