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Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:35 am

Furnace: Coleman Evcon Gas Furnace
Model Number: DGAT070BDD
Serial Number: 950741195

Problem #1: When the heater turns off, it usually turns right back on within 1 - 3 seconds. When it does this, it can cycle this way all day (costs us more money and is annoying).

It seems to do it more during the daytime hours compared to evening. 3 techs have come out but said they don't know about this type of furnace so can't help.

Problem #2: The Deluxe Blend Air II box on the furnace has a blinking red light, a solid green light, and a solid yellow light always on. I read that I am supposed to have that 'repaired' if the red light is constantly blinking.

But what does it mean, or rather 'what is this part that is malfunctioning or broken?' The other techs did not know anything about it, or what I should even have the switches set on.

Other Info: The recalled problem was fixed by previous owner (who used a Coleman certified tech). 3 techs have came out and looked at the furnace, but stated they don't know anything about this particular kind of furnace so could not repair it. I have a digital programable thermostat which the previous owner installed, and there is no anticipator that I can find inside it to 'correct' the short constant cycles of the furnace.

Question about the Digital Thermostat: Would replacing the digital thermostat with a 'manual or old fashioned' thermostat meant for my furnace perhaps help stop the short on/off cycles? (since it might have an anticipator in it that I can set to the proper number).

Or should I just replace the control board (or do that only if a new 'older model' thermostat doesn't help?

Any suggestions, ideas, help?

I did order the manual to my furnace from you, and the mobile home repair manual. Plus I have read what articles I found on it.

Thank you very much,
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Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:34 am

Hi Teresa,

Go here for troubleshooting steps for Blend Air systems :


On some digital t-stats, there is an internal anticipator, but on most there is not.

Read the t-stat manual or look it up online.

Make sure burner and burner orifice are clear and not clogged with spider/web.

Could be faulty control board, would have to test board to know.

As long as the board shows 24vac across W and C, then the burner and blower motor should be going along with booster motor.

When there is no 24vac at W and C, all should be off.

Might need to find a reputable company with knowledgeable and trained hvac techs.

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