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Blower and limit switch issues

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:47 pm
by Chevy357
I have a DEG095ADC that has had a couple of issues ever since something happened to the electrical transformer on the utility pole near the house (heard a loud noise, then the power went out, and was out for awhile). Not sure if the problems were caused by that, or just a coincidence.
The first issue is the blower no longer works in the "auto" setting,; it only works in the "on" position, which makes it run continuously. The furnace does ignite when set to "auto", just no airflow.
Second issue: having to manually turn the system on and off, I have found the 7624A3591 limit switch is usually tripped, when restarting. While the system is running, it has constant heat, so it must be tripping sometime between me turning the system off and back on.
Any help would be appreciated.