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I bought a very abused double wide home with nearly 2,000 square feet and vaulted ceilings. I installed an EB15D furnace/air handler ( the furnace heats the place wonderfully) with a 1854M4A a-coil and CCGD48541Q3A condenser, all Coleman/Revolve.
I have replaced the windows in the house with double pane units, new ceiling fans in nearly every room, insulated and sealed every nook and cranny I could find and repaired a lot of duct work leaks and issues, yet during our 100+ degree summer days I can't keep the house under 80 degrees inside though I have cold air coming from the vents, averaging about 57 degrees at the registers. I don't have a way to measure the CFM flow. I checked and the blower does run at the highest speed when the a/c is on.
I was reading back through the documentation that came with the air handler and noticed a blower upgrade kit that is recommended for 5 ton a/c units, Coleman part# 3500-7901(A). When I went online to see what was in the kit, I see that most places say the kit is for 4 to 5 ton units. That caught my attention.
Do you think I would be wasting my money installing the upgrade blower? Or could the extra air flow perhaps help with or solve my cooling problem?
I have already poured a lot of time and money into restoring this place, I hate to just throw parts and more money at it, ya know?
Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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