coleman furnace replacement 77,00 for 56,000 btu

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I have a single wide 840 sq ft mobile home all remodeled 2x6 walls ,new windows and doors. there's a Coleman DGAA 77,000 btu and 62,000 output now ,but I looked up and figured it should only be about 46,000 output for here in central Iowa. furnace is 16 yrs. old and I can get a new 56,000 80% right now for 700.00 hate to pass this deal up if it would work . It's a DGAA 56,000 new in the box. any thoughts on anyone ?
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At a bare minimum, you can use a figure of 20 BTUs per hour per square foot and multiply this by the total square footage to be heated or cooled, but this does not take into account climate, the amount of insulation you have, or the way you live. So 20 X 840 = 16,800. Even at 30 BTU per square foot 25,200 BTU. 77,000 is overkill so 56,000 should be more than enough.
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