Suction on blower access door

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Hello, I have a Coleman DGAT056BDD (1996 or so vintage) with AC added and a blower P/N 7900-6061/A, plus operational Blend Air II. When I remove the blower access door with the fan running, AC or furnace, it has a suction on it. I'm thinking this is putting added load on the motor, like when you put your hand over the end of the hose on a vacuum cleaner and the motor speeds up. I'm thinking of putting additional return air louvers on the door. Is that advisable or is there another problem? It does seem there's a slight airflow increase from the registers with the door off. The filters are clean and AC and furnace work fine. Just wonder if my electric bill might go down some with less stress on the motor. Thank you for your assistance!
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This pops out at you right off the bat........
It is very important to make sure the blower compartment
door is securely in place whenever your furnace
is operating to ensure that these processes remain
separate. Operating a furnace with the blower door off
or ajar can allow combustion by-products to mix with
the air that is circulated to heat your house.
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To answer your question: YES. Too much resistance can and will burn out the motor.

The only variable you can adjust is the filter itself. DO NOT leave the door open!

Try using a lower rated filter to reduce the load. Too much filtration is as bad as too little. One way you burn out the motor prematurely - the other clogs up the coils and just recirculates the gunk normally found in the air.

Also - I posted a kinda lengthy diatribe on filters under the Goodman section. I've already had one motor burnout in just 5 years - AND I was using the super high grade filter. Basically, I choked the motor to death.
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