burner goes out intermittent

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ok this is a video of what the burner is point and it blows out the pilot light at the same time. This time it did not it can be fine for a week or a month or just one time and go out the next and there in no light or board that i can find anywhere just transformer and some relays ( previous owner was an appliance repairman) i have lived here 6 years now with only needing to replace the thermostat when i moved in and the pilot port "orifices" and thermocoupler last year the house is a 1993 and the furnace number is 7956c856 and it is on propane. now as to what it is doing is the flame truns pure blue and start to pulsate and go out as you see in the vid shortley after start up if it makes it thru till it is "warmed up" it will run fine till the next cycle were it starts to do it again.
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