New Flue-Old Furnace?

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mark hansen
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Looks like I might have a chimney problem.
Orangeish big flame on my old presidential ll furnace.
Heat exchanger is good, no cracks or holes.
Furnace is only used for a couple weeks out of the year.
I was told that the flues rust out and fall off after time and could result in to much air getting into the furnace.
The exchanger was replaced about six or seven years ago and the furnace was not used at all for about four of those years.
My question is; is it possible to repair/replace the flues in a chimney?
How about the chimney, are they still made about the same now as they were in 1985 when the furnace was new and can I get a replacement?
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You should be able to replace it. It should just be like a 26 gauge metal flue. Got any pictures of it?
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Entirely possible, we do it several times a year. They are telescopic and each one covers a range of roof heights. You will need the measurement from the top of the furnace to the roof line where it exits the home.
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