Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate

Use a mobile home toilet floor plate to fix leaning or sinking toilets.

If your toilet leans, sinks or jiggles, then most likely the floor underneath has gotten wet and soft. The best fix is to remove the toilet, cut off the flange and replace the floor underneath the toilet.

A second solution would be to install a toilet floor plate. The plate measures 24″ long x 19″ wide. If that does not easily cover the damaged floor, then you will not be able to use the plate and will need to replace the floor.

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate MeasurementsIMPORTANT! Before ordering the plate you need to be sure that your toilet will fit onto the plate by taking a couple easy measurements. Start your measurements at the bolts. Measure from the bolts to the front of the toilet. This measurement should not be longer than 12″. The measurement from the bolts to the back of the toilet should not be longer than 6″. If your toilet measurements are longer than this, the plate will not work. Another solution would be to buy a new toilet that falls within these measurements.

Toilet Plate Installation Instructions

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate Flange

Step 1 – Shut off water. Drain toilet tank. Unhook waterline. Remove nuts at base and lift toilet straight up and set to side. Remove & discard bolts from flange and clean all wax and debri off of flange on floor and bottom of toilet.

Step 2 – If toilet rings is loose because the floor is rotted and no longer able to be secured to the floor, check to see if the flange can be lifted up an inch or so. If it does pull up, slip in the new flange bolts and skip to step 6.

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate Spacer
Step 3 – Add spacer rings to the top of the flange to bring it up to the height of the floor plate. Don’t increase the height of the flange so much that that the plate doesn’t sit flat on the floor.

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate Spacer

Set the floor plate over the flange to check for flange height.

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate Screws

Step 4 – With the proper flange height found, lift the floor plate off the flange. Add silicone between the spacer rings.

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate Screws

Step 5 – Secure to floor using rust-resistant screws. You may have to first remove existing screws that are securing the original flange.

Step 6 – Put a final bead of silicone on top of the flange. Set floor plate over bolts and on flange.

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate Secure

Step 7 – If you were unable to secure your flange to the floor, you will need to secure the plate to the floor using 4 screws. Locate the floor joists and drill 5/32″ holes through the plate. Ideally, you want 2 screws in front and 2 in back, but it all depends upon the location of the floor joists. Put a dab of silicone in the hole and drive in the screws. Do not overtighten.

If your flange is secured to the floor, this step may be considered optional as tightening the flange bolts in step 9 may be all that’s necessary to secure the plate to the floor.

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate Bowl

Step 8 – Using a resuable rubber Fernco toilet seal, remove the liner and adhere seal to bottom of a clean horn on toilet. For most mobile home toilets, you will need a 3″ toilet seal. 4″ is the other common size. Then set the toilet over the bolts and onto the plate. It may take a bit of down pressure for the Fernco seal to push into the drain pipe.

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate Bolts

Step 9 – Tighten toilet bolts until snug. Do not overtighten. Hook waterline up, fill tank and check for leaks.

Mobile Home Toilet Floor Plate A

Step 10 – You may then wish to caulk around plate and toilet.

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