Mobile Home Owners Gift Guide – Great Ideas for Friends & Family

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re certain you’ll be making your list (and checking it twice). And while we certainly hope that none of your friends and family made the naughty list this year, a big part of a great holiday gift is the personal touch that you can give to truly cater to an individual’s preferences or desires. This is arguably even more important if you’re shopping for a mobile home owner on your list, as mobile homes present some unique challenges that a great gift can often help resolve or alleviate. With that being said, here’s a look at some of the best gifts you can get for mobile homeowners. Take a look:

Great Mobile Home Gifts for $75 and Under

  1. Expansive Toolset (~$90): All homes need maintenance, and mobile homes arguably need it more than others. Hence, a comprehensive toolset can make for a great holiday gift. We like this one from Stanley that offers 210 pieces.
  2. Air Mattress with Built-in Pump (~$60): Space is at a premium in many mobile homes, so it makes sense that owners minimize clutter and maximize living space however they can. That’s why an inflatable air mattress can make for a great manufactured home gift, as it stores easily and just needs to be inflated whenever it’s needed. We prefer air mattresses with the built-in electric pump to make inflation and deflation even more convenient.
  3. Your Mobile Home: Energy and Repair Guide for Manufactured Housing ($52): Now in its fifth edition, this book is a must-have for the mobile home owner. Specifically, it’s a comprehensive guidebook packed with 224 pages of information on mobile home construction, how-to maintenance, winterization and more. Drawings and graphics accompany the text to make even the most technical tasks easy to understand. It’s one of the best-manufactured home gifts you can give.
  4. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers (~$50): For many mobile home owners, most of the entertaining is done outside – and that’s where a wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speaker can come in really handy. Ideal for situating anywhere near any sort of festivities, Bluetooth speakers help deliver some musical ambiance for any occasion. We recommend going with a waterproof speaker, especially if your recipient will likely use it primarily outside.

Great Mobile Home Gifts for $40 and Under

  1. Folding Outdoor Fire Pit (~$40): Like we said above, in most mobile homes, the bulk of the entertaining is done outside, and space – including storage space – is at a premium. That’s what makes a folding fire pit such a cool gift idea. It can be a great complementary feature to any outdoor entertaining that a mobile home owner does and just simply folds up for convenient storage when it’s not in use.
  2. Bocce Ball Set (~$40): Yard games always make for a fun gift, especially if you’re buying for more than one person. You can’t go wrong with a fun, easy to play game like Bocce Ball.
  3. Insulated Picnic Basket (~$40): One of the great things about many mobile homes is that they’re able to be transported from lot to lot, place to place. Hence, it’s an ideal way for the owner to experience living in various different parts of the country. If this sounds like the mobile home owner on your list, chances are they like to get out and experience life rather than just sit around inside. That’s where an insulated picnic basket can come in handy. It’s perfect for gathering items for a day out on the boat, at the park or wherever life takes your recipient.
  4. Flagpole (~$25): A flagpole that can easily be mounted on a home is a great gift suggestion for any type of homeowner, let alone a manufactured home owner. We suggest opting for an anti-winding pole, so your recipient won’t have to worry about unwrapping the flag from it twisting around in high winds. To give this gift even more personal touch, consider picking up a few flags, like of your recipient’s favorite sports team, an American flag, and a seasonal flag.
  5. Weber’s New Real Grilling ($24.95): Outdoor gift suggestions are a theme in this post, and if the mobile home owner on your list loves to grill, then Weber’s New Real Grilling book is perfect for them. It includes more than 200 grilling recipes, all in illustrated, step-by-step instructions for easy understanding.
  6. On Tap Water Faucet Filtration System (~20): Mobile homes need to be connected to utilities, and depending on where the mobile home is situated will likely depend on the water quality coming into the home. Some tap water, for instance, may not be clean enough to drink without filtration, while other water may be packed with lead, chlorine or other contaminants. That’s why an on-tap water filter can be so beneficial. They simply just screw on to the faucet to filter out contaminants.
  7. Mobile Home Gift Card (~$20-$40): Though it may seem like a cop-out gift, there’s a lot of value in giving a gift card to your recipient’s favorite mobile home supply store this holiday season.  This allows the recipient to choose for themselves – whether it’s an item out of necessity or an item out of desire. If you’re stumped for what to give or just need something to round out the gifts, this is a great idea.

Great Mobile Home Gifts for $20 and Under

  1. BBQ Grill Tools Set (~$20): Every grill master needs a set of tools to help them get the job done. We like this 22-set kit, which includes everything from shish kabob skewers to a basting brush to the conventional spatula and tongs.
  2. Garden Flag Stand (~$11): Does the mobile home owner on your list already have a standard flagpole installed? A garden flag stand might make for a good complementary addition. These stands simply just stake into the ground and can be easily moved anywhere around the lot. To further personalize this, we’d suggest picking up a few garden flags to gift with the stand.
  3. Flashlight (~$10): A solid, waterproof flashlight is always something handy to have around. It can make for a great throw-in gift.

Great Mobile Home Gifts for the Generous Gifter

Most of us are working with some sort of a gift budget around the holidays. However, if the price isn’t an issue for you, here’s a look at some great gifts for manufactured home owners that are sure to please the recipient:

  1. Swingset (~$450): If the mobile home is on a big enough lot, and if your recipient has a young family, a swingset can make for a fun gift for the kids. It gets them out of the house and active and gives them something they can enjoy for hours on end.
  2. Electric Fireplace (~$250): For obvious reasons, most mobile homes are unable to accommodate natural or gas fireplaces. But that isn’t so much of a problem these days with the availability of electric fireplaces. These types of fireplaces can display beautiful, natural-looking artificial flames, emit heat and don’t require any of the maintenance that conventional fireplaces do. While they come in all different types, we suggest opting to gift a model that also doubles as TV stand to save space within the mobile home.
  3. Folding Ottoman/Sleeper Bed (~$150): Like we noted above, space is often at a premium for mobile home owners, so there’s a bit of creativity involved when planning the floorplan. That’s what makes this folding ottoman/sleeper bed such a neat idea. During the day, it can serve as a leg rest while the mobile home owner is lounging in their favorite chair. And at night it can fold out into a guest bed. It’s practical and convenient.
  4. Hammock with Stand (~$115): If your recipient lives in a wooded area, you can get by with purchasing them a much less expensive type of hammock. If they don’t, however, a hammock with a stand is a great way to relax outside of the mobile home on a nice day.

We hope this helped you or at the very least inspired your gift giving! If you have any recommendations on great gifts we should add to the list for mobile home owners then please leave a comment below!

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