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    • MHR says

      Hi Diane, Building permits are a highly localized issue. Some cities, communities, and states may require permits for this type of work, while others may not. You likely will not have to worry about getting a building permit for replacing your roofing material though if you live in a community they may require special notice or permission. It is best to check with your city or county building department before you begin. In addition, checking with your community manager or supervisor as well.

      • LW retired Realltor says

        This is an important and often overlooked issue. For example, in Washington State, such a repair performed on a manufactured or mobile home may not require a local jurisdiction building permit, but it DOES require inspection and certification by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries which is the regulatory agency overseeing work on those types of homes. If the roof is replace and not inspected by them, it becomes illegal to sell the home to another buyer. It is also illegal for real estate agents to even list the home for sale in those cases.

  1. JR Price says

    I’m disabled and although I understand the concept and work involved (had built metal sheds in the past), I am having problems finding a licensed roofer to do this for me!
    If anyone knows a licensed contractor (with references) that can do this in Atlantic County NJ, Please advise! I would like this done October 2017 if possible~ mid November at latest.

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