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  1. Maria Clarke says

    ok we have a miller furnace but it has an exults fan that runs of it to keep out posture in the space in the cieling but that motor burnt out i am looking for an replacement for that motor and can not find one ? I have a skyline 1997 double wide mobile home .

    • MHR says

      Please get in touch with our partner, The Aberdeen Mobile Home Parts Store (They are readily available by phone (605-229-2627) and email (AberdeenPartsStore at They may be able to find the part for your or build one for you.

  2. Rob Kassian says

    These furnaces are way over engineered or shall I say imagineered!! Why not keep things simple moving forward on the newer models only makes perfectly crystal clear sense right. We’re continuing to have issues with or model # M1MB70ABW, we’ve replaced the circuit board, switches, wall switch the list goes on and on, we live out in the country which you can imagine service calls are expensive and frustrating especially when the issue’s still arise and it gets to -30C or better where where located. The furnace does give us codes which we’ve relayed to the service technicians but still causing us stress. To make matters worse we also have a gas fireplace installed by the same modular manufacturer, we figured the gas fireplace would be our backup in case we’ve furnace quits but……….yes yet again I require tissues for my issues. Some with the furnace we’ve replaces components thermacouples, cleaned everything to as new condition placed the logs in their proper location & orientation but you guessed it still issues……… We’re almost thinking of going the old fashion way “WOOD BURNING” to avoid the hassle going nowhere except our wallets are much thinner. Please fire all your engineers and replace simple minded people the world would be a better place. If there’s anything you could do to help it would be much appreciated.

  3. darryl says

    my 1960 mobile home furnace makes a humming noise when not in use
    what is that coming from the condenser? because when I turn the fan switch to off it stops making the humming noise

  4. Kim Otterson says

    Hi… We have a 1996 coleman evcon ac/heat unit. we have had the furnace art serviced and replaced most parts. now the air is acting up, Has anyone ever had the fan to kick on with out the unit on???? Or to just keep kicking on and off while in operation? It cools fine but the fan just will not run continues with the outside unit now. it kicks on and off the whole time it is running. Does the roof jack have anything to do with the A/C? or just the gas furnace?

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