How to Install an Electric Water Leak Detector

Protect your home from potential water flood damage: keep a “Leak Alert” leak detector anywhere a potential for water leaks exists.

Undetected, a leaky pipe or water heater can cause thousands of dollars in damages to a manufactured home. A water leak detector can help announce those leaks before damage is done.Water Detector Leak Alarm

The “Leak Alert” detector is an inexpensive device that warns when water is present. Simply install a 9 volt battery and place the detector near a potential source of leak. No wiring needed. If water is detected, a 95db alarm will sound. The “Leak Alert” will float and signal for up to 72 hours. There’s even a beep to indicate a low battery.



Install an Electric Water Leak DetectorTo install the leak detector, simply insert a 9 volt battery and place near your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, sump pump, fish tank, pipes or anything else that you fear may leak.

Pictured on the left is a “Leak Alert” placed near a water heater and a corroded shut-off valve.

“I first learned how well this device worked when a customer called and said she had installed the “Leak Alert” near her water heater. The “Leak Alert” had sounded, and further inspection showed the water heater had begun leaking”.

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