How to Build a Mobile Home Basement

Installing the Support Beams for A Mobile Home Basement

Step 1 – Place the metal I-beams from side-wall to sidewall. There will be approximately 1 beam every 10 feet.

Manufactured Home Basement Floor Beams


Step 2 – Set the support poles down the middle to support the center weight of the home.

Mobile Home Support Beams


Step 3 – Have the house mover lower the home onto the basement walls (no picture).
Basement For Mobile Home Foundation


Exterior Finish Work

Step 1 – Once the house is lowered down, wrap 6 mil sheathing around the basement walls and carefully backfill. Backfill half way up with pea rock and the remainder of the way with dirt. The dirt should be compacted as its filled.

Mobile Home Basement Exterior Work

Step 2 – Install the window wells. Ideally, a piece of drain pipe from the window well should be connected to the drain tile system before any backfilling is done. If not that, then the windows should have a cover. Finally, install siding on the part of the basement walls that are exposed above the ground (no picture).

Exterior Mobile Home Basement Finish Work

Interior Finish Work

Step 1 – Add insulation and a vapor barrier to the exterior walls.

Mobile Home Basement Insulation

Step 2 – Cut an opening into the home and construct the stairs. The stairs will have to be located in the middle of one side of the home, presumably in an area that will involve the least amount of obstructions. Even then, most likely at least one steel beam will have to be cut and braced from below with posts.

Mobile Home Basement Entrance

Step 3 – Finish off the rest of the basement to your liking.

Mobile Home Basement Framing

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