Double wide roof replacement

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Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:36 pm

I have a doublewide, 1983 I think. Time to replace the roof, currently shingles. Going to use metal. The roof trusses are 2', not 16" on center. The roof bows slightly between each truss, and is slighty spoungie. From in the attic, I see no bow, but each truss is built with 1 1/4"x1 1/2" wood, not 2x4s. Can I just place the new metal roof ontop of it, as everyone says. Personally I'd replace the whole thing, or build a roof over this one. Drill pile supports and all. I'm not sure if i can trust what will be left under the metal I install. Any ideas?

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Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:05 pm

Hi & welcome. With all mobile homes weight is an important issue. I would not add any more weight up there, I would at the very least get the shingles off and see what is causing the bows. You could do a steel roof over and add more insulation in the process. I'm sure our roof expert, JD as well as others Will add their thoughts as well.

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I'd bite the bullet and replace all badly warped panels and of course remove all shingles. If the batten strips are spanning a large open area, it will probably break when someone walks on it. You want the substrate or base layer to be flat and fully supporting the batten strips. When installing the batten strips, you still want to fasten to the trusses and not rely on just the sheathing.
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