miller/lear-siegler gas furnace

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Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:47 pm

i have a mobile home with a miller/lear-siegler gas furnace MMG-82-CGC

pilot light won't stay lighted? the thermocouple needs to be changed?
it looks like i need to remove the whole burner assembly by disconnecting the main gas pipe with a pipe wrench between the box that has the "off-pilot-on" valve and where the pipe goes into the burner, after i shut off the outside valve on the gas meter.

then there are the smaller fittings to the pilot burner (red button), the thermocouple fitting and some electrical wiring.

after that it looks like i can remove the whole assembly as one piece where three bolts having "eye holes" allow me to turn everything slightly and pull the burner out.

then i hope to have access to the thermocouple and pilot burner, then replace thermocouple and reassemble everything, check for leaks and try to light pilot?
does this sound right?
any other advice?


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Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:02 pm

Hi Ron,

Due to the age, I'd have to look through some old service manuals to see if I have any info on that furnace. Due to this, I cannot say for sure whether that is all that is needed to be done.

However, it does sound fairly accurate without any furnace data or pics.

Because it could be a bad gas valve also, I would have the gas valve inspected and checked first before going to all that trouble.

Does the pilot light while holding button or knob, then go out when button/knob is released ?

Or, does it do fine, but go out in a short time ?

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