Coleman evcon DGAT070BDD Limit Cycling

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I have a Coleman Evcon Furnace. Model DGAT070BDD.
I turn my heat down at night and in the morning when the temp goes back up I get the limit cycling code. It will turn on then off then on and so on till it completely stops with the limit cycling code. It does not always just do it in the morning. Sometimes it will just do it during the day when its just keeping the temp at 70. I've tried to turn the fan on using the thermostat with the heat/cool switch set to off to see if the fan will trip the limit cycling by itself and the fan does not turn on. Any help would be great... Thanks for your help

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You possibly have a limit switch tripping prematurely. Or excess heat is building up inside the furnace due to possible factors like the motor no longer spinning fast enough, or clogged filters.

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OK..ill try replacing the limit switch first (although I think it might be the motor, It doesent blow very hard anymore, but ill try the cheap route first) wiring diagram says there's 2 limit switches but I only see one so ill try that one then move on to the motor if that doesn't work, unless there is 2 of them you know of. Thanks for your Help Mark

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Hello bryce2843. May I ask what your final diagnosis was for the problem that you described above? My Coleman furnace DGAA090BDTA has a similar problem where it cycles on/off multiple times when I turn it up in the morning, and eventually goes completely off with the four flashes. Funny thing is, it seems to work just fine if I leave the front panel off. I have already replaced both limit switches, pressure switch, and filters, and have cleaned all dust off of the furnace door.