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DIY hanging copper votive holder

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DIY hanging copper votive holder

This is an attractive hanging wall sconce that shows off a small votive candle. It uses cost efficient, readily available materials and takes about hour to make.

You will need:

Thin gauge copper wire, preferably 16 or 18 gauge
inch thick copper refrigeration tubing
Wire cutters
Needle-nose pliers
Votive candle
Glass votive candleholder
Copper screening
Glass beads, any quantity, size, shape or color desired

.wall sconce
Create a cost efficient wall
decorative wall sconce.
Cut refrigeration tubing into a length of approximately 40 inches. Bend one end using needle-nose pliers to make a large hook shape.

Hold tubing at both ends and bend into an arch shape in the center. Create the candle holder portion of your sconce by curving the end opposite the hook into a horizontal spiral fashion. Place the votive holder in the center of the spiral to be sure it fits snugly; adjust to hold candle holder tightly, if required.

Thread attractive glass beads onto a very small piece of 18-gauge copper wire, perhaps a length of about 2 or 3 inches. You can experiment with different gauges if you wish, for a different look. The larger the gauge number, the thinner the wire. You can also experiment with wire lengths. If you use a longer length of threaded beads, you will get more hang from your votive holder. Once beads are in place, bend the ends of the wire to ensure they do not slide off. Attach this wire piece to the bottom of your wall sconce by looping it around the refrigeration tubing. Add more beads at this time if desired.

Take your copper screening and wrap it around a votive candleholder; adjust it so it fits snugly. Adjust the edges of the copper screening to your preference. You can add beads or other decorative embellishments to this screening, if desired. Place this candleholder/screening combination back into the spiral holding portion.

Your votive holder is now complete and ready to adorn your walls. Use a small votive in a color that coordinates with the color of your beads.


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