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Featured Product

Featured Product

Vinyl Skirting Repair Kit

Special repair tape fixes holes permanently. Won't fade or deteriorate in the weather.

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Energy Star office equipment

Reduce the amount of energy your office consumes by using energy star office equipment.

energy star computer In today’s society we need to be aware of our contributions to global warming and how to take steps each day to decrease greenhouse gas emissions produced as a result of running energy consuming products in our homes and workplaces. Office equipment is the number one fastest growing use of electricity in the United States & Canada. With this increased use of power comes an increase in fossil fuel consumption, directly increasing emissions that yield global warming effects. Office equipment tends to be left on overnight or for long stretches during the day when it is not actively in use at all times. For example, in a busy office an employee may use his/her computer for the sole purpose of checking e-mail occasionally, but the computer may be left on full-time. What’s more, fax machines are generally only used about 1 hour a day, but are turned on permanently, resulting in much energy going to waste. Approximately half of all office equipment devices are left on all night long and are not being used during that time.

Modern day power-managed office products have been developed to help decrease the amount of consumed energy in situations such as the above. Switching to such energy efficient products can cut energy consumption by about 50 percent annually. The savings are particularly noticeable on large products such as computers and laser printers. Most companies that manufacture office equipment are part of the Energy Star program today. You will see a sticker denoting this new energy efficiency on products and take comfort in knowing you are saving a vast amount of power by trading in your older models for these newer types. In a typical office, the use of Energy Star equipment can save approximately $250 annually. This type of equipment has many advantages in addition: it is no more costly than regular equipment without the stamp of energy efficiency, it is less noisy, it has a longer lifespan, and it performs just as well.

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Featured Product

Mobile Home Repair Manual

Required reading for anyone who lives in a mobile home!

The book covers many manufactured home repairs and upgrades. A must for the do-it-yourselfer. Now on sale! Need this manual now? Then download it.

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