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Featured Product

Featured Product

Vinyl Skirting Repair Kit

Special repair tape fixes holes permanently. Won't fade or deteriorate in the weather.

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Energy Efficient Clothes Washer

Clothes Washer

Energy efficient Air conditioning

The costs of washing clothes can be managed by selecting the right washer and through efficient use of the appliance.

A clothes washer is one of the most expensive appliances in the home, both in terms of an initial investment as well as ongoing energy consumption costs. Unfortunately the latter has an indirect impact on the environment as a significant portion of electricity production comes from burning fossil fuels. As a result, more harmful emissions are released in the atmosphere with increased energy demands.

The costs of washing clothes can be managed by selecting the right washer and through efficient use of the appliance. Be sure to look for the Energy Star logo when shopping for a clothes washer to ensure the unit meets the strict standards of the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Energy efficient washers tend to be more expensive initially, which turns a lot of customers away. What most fail to realise, however, is that an efficient washing machine can have a significant impact on the utility bills. Considering that most people use the same washing machine for many years, an energy efficient washer is likely cheaper in the long run and better for the environment.

Many energy efficient washing machines have a front loading design as opposed to the conventional top loading design. A front loading washer features a horizontal drum that washes the clothes through a back and forth partial rotation, rather than a vertical spinning drum featured in top-loading washers.

Front loading washers usually clean clothes more thoroughly and often are more durable than their counterparts. An added benefit is the clothes are generally drier at the end of the wash cycle, requiring less time to dry and thereby consuming less power.

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Featured Product

Mobile Home Repair Manual

Required reading for anyone who lives in a mobile home!

The book covers many manufactured home repairs and upgrades. A must for the do-it-yourselfer. Now on sale! Need this manual now? Then download it.

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