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Energy efficient mobile home

We have a 2006 manufactured home we bought 3 1/2 years ago. Our electric bills are sky high. I have been trying to find out how to make your mobile home energy efficient. Can you give me some help. we just replaced the underpinning last month to metal. We are going to have insulation blow on it. Can you put more in the ceiling?


Helping to make your mobile home energy efficient


If you do NOT have vaulted ceilings, you can blow more insulation in the ceiling.  Always be sure to leave some sort of gap for air so your not trapping moisture.

Does your home heat and cool evenly?  Some variance from front to back is normal, but if the other half of your doublewide varies greatly, then perhaps your losing quite a bit of heat/air underneath the home due to bad or damaged ductwork.

Is your home getting any shade?  Shade trees are a definitely plus in the summer.  During the winter, be sure your south-facing windows are open and letting in the sun.

And as you are already doing, insulated skirting is huge for saving energy.  Just be sure your not trapping moisture so use vents which could be closed during the winter.