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1468-2199 Attic Fan Motor

Single speed attic fan motor for Deluxe Blend Air II. 120 volts. Mounted inside stack on roof. 1550RPM, .044HP, 1.6A. Shaft size is 3/8" x 2". Rotates counter clockwise when looking from back of motor (CCWLE). Motor size is 3.25" diameter x 2.75" deep. No run cap required. Replaces 1468-219, 7681-3119 & 7681-311. Also known as A.O. Smith JA2P243N. Your price $125.65.
1468-2199 Blend Air attic fan motor. 4316-2711 Blower Wheel

5" blower wheel for Deluxe Blend Air II. Rotates counter clockwise when looking from back (CCWLE). Removes moisture from attic. Attaches to motor 1468-2199. Mounted inside stack on roof. Replaces 4316-2721. Your price $17.30.

4316-2721 blower wheel.
5710 Blend Air Attic Fan Blower Assembly

No longer available. Order complete system while quanitities last. Attic fan blower assembly. 120V. Includes motor, blower wheel, blower housing & upper control box. Comes assembled. Does NOT include upper control board. Mounted inside stack on roof. For use in all Deluxe blend air systems.
attic fan blower assembly 7681A3219 Damper Motor 110V (NLA)

Sorry, this part is no longer available. Blend Air damper motor generally found up on the roof. 110V. 6RPM. Please note that most systems use damper motor #7681-3231. Replaces 7681-5219, 7681-521 & 7681A321. No longer available
7681A3219 damper motor 110V
7681-3231 Damper Motor 24V (NLA)

Sorry, this part is no longer available. Damper motor holds open damper on Deluxe Blend Air II. 24V, 6RPM. 5W. Rotates clockwise when viewing from back end (CWLE). Generally located on top of furnace. Replaces 7681-323. No longer available
7681-3231 damper motor. 7681-5091/A Motorized Damper Assembly (NLA)

Sorry, this part is no longer available. However dampers without motors are available. Contact us for a a price. Assembly includes motor 7681-3231 and damper. Generally located on top of furnace. Was $207.02, No longer available

7681-5091A damper assembly.
7975-3771 Standard Relay

Relay found inside the control box of a Standard Blend Air II. Your price $11.95.
7975-3771 standard relay. 7681-318P/A Upper Control Board

Upper control board for all Deluxe Blend Air II systems. Located above the attic fan inside the stack on the roof. Replaces 7681-318, 7681-318P, 7681-308 & 7681-3081. Does NOT replace 7681-3981. Was $183.83, Your price $159.99.

7681-318P upper control board.
7681-3091/A Lower Control Board

Lower control board for Deluxe Blend Air II. Found inside control box. Two switches on back side of board (not able to show in picture). For all Deluxe Blend Air II systems except 'B'. Note: Now no longer available. Use 7681-317P. May need to replace wiring harness, if so order 7681-327P.

7681-3091A lower control board. 7681-317P/A Lower Control Board

Lower control board for all Deluxe Blend Air II systems. Found inside control box. Click on picture to see back of board. Wires sold separately. Replaces 7681-3091/A, 7681-3091, 7681-309, 7681-317 & 7681-317P. Your price $199.98.

7681-317P lower control board.
1973-115 Blend Air Wiring Harness

Wiring harness for B & C systems connects lower control board to furnace controls. This harness does not connect the lower board to the upper board (see below). Was $19.00. Sale price $10.00.
1973-115 blend air wiring harness. 7681-3991/A Lower Control Board

Lower control board found on 7681-7701 universal blend air systems. Measures 3" x 2.25" with one switch. Replaces 7681-399, 7681-3991 & 7681-399/A. No longer available are the 7681-3981 & 7681-398 upper control boards for same system. NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Order 7681-317P/A.

SAVE MONEY! We may be able to REPAIR YOUR OLD BOARD for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Click Here for more info.
7681-3991/A universal blend air lower control board.
7681-315/A Lower Control Box

Plastic lower control box for all Deluxe blend air systems. Replaces the metal boxes. Houses the lower control board (board with 2 switches). Measures 4.0" x 5.5" x 2.75" deep. Mounting screws not included. Lower control board NOT included. Was $15.00. Your price $7.00.
7681-315A lower control box. Flexible Duct

5" x 25' insulated flexible duct for blend air systems. Duct runs from attic fan assembly to furnace. Can be cut to length. Class 1 70RF grey mylar. Your price $15.00.

Blend air flex duct.

We ship all our own parts. If you ever have a problem, you deal
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Blend Air Crown

Crown for all Deluxe blend air assemblies. 15.5” tall. 10” diameter fits over a 9-3/4” ring. 12” diameter removable cap. Adjustable for sloped roofs. Your price $49.00 each.
7681-crown deluxe blend air crown. Blend Air Mounting Plate

Blend air roof mounting plate for all Deluxe blend air units. Plate measures 15.5” x 15.5” with 9-3/4” ring for mounting crown. Mounts onto roof, box sticks inside attic. Box measures 8.5” x 5” x 5” deep. Round opening for connecting insulated duct. Open ends for exchange of attic air. Attic fan mounts in middle of plate. Your price $30.00.

7681-plate blend air mounting plate.
NEW! 5725 Blend Air Update Kit

New kit developed by us replaces the expensive upper and lower control boards with a timer assembly. More info coming soon. Your price $149.00
7681-7331A Blend Air Filter

Filter located at end of air tube inside furnace at top. For all Blend Air II systems. 4-7/8" diameter. Replaces 7681-3331, 7681-333, 7681-7331 & 7681-733. Your price $12.00.

7681-7331A Blend Air filter.
7681-327P Control Harness for B Series

15' control harness connects lower control board to upper control board. Used on B series Blend Air systems only. Replace yours if you notice any corrosion on the plugs. Your price $45.46.
7681-327P control harness.